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Land and Equipment Auction

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Saturday August 26, 10:00 AM
Greensburg, KY

Selling at the Green County Extension Office, 298 Happyville Rd in Greensburg, KY with live bidding and bidding on-line by simulcast on nationalland.com.

Selling 117.1  as a whole and in tracts.
The farm is located at 946 Buckner Hill Rd and Akin Road in Greensburg. 

Tract 1 is located on Buckner Hill Rd and contains 1.43 acres. It has a 2 story frame home with 3 bedrooms and a bath metal roof and some replacement windows in need of renovation. There is no recorded record of a septic system.  

Tract 2 has frontage on Buckner Hill road and contains 8.94 acres. The property is open and wooded and there is a barn on this tract. 

Tract 3 has frontage on Buckner Hill Road and contains 7.54 acres. It is mostly open with some woods. 

Tract 4 is located on Akin road and is all open creek bottom cropland and contains 6.7 acres. It has 50 foot of frontage on Akin Rd.

Tract 5 contains 41.95 acres of mostly open creek bottom cropland. It is directly behind tract 4 and is accessed by a 60 ft shared easement. 

Tract 6 contains 37.42 acres it is mostly wooded with some open land and has some marketable timber. Tract 6 has 50 foot of frontage on Akin Road. 

Tract 7 is located on Akin Road and contains 14.45 acres. It is mostly open with some woods. There is an approximately 30 ft. x 50 ft metal barn located on this tract. 

Selling method: The property will be offered in its entirety first, 117.1 acres. 

Then it will be offered in tracts using the high bidder’s choice method. The tracts will be sold by the acre with the high bidder taking the tract they choose. They can take one tract or as many as they want at that price. Then the tracts will be offered again with the next highest bidder taking their choice of tracts until they are all taken.  

When the tracts are all taken. The farm will sell as a whole or in tracts whichever has the highest total. This property will sell subject to the seller’s approval. 

Tractor and Machinery: We will be selling and bidding on site only at the Greensburg Extension office an international Harvester 684 front assist tractor with loader and canopy, New Holland 256 Hay rake with tongue, wagon with 20 ft wooden flat bed, John Deere grader blade, post hole digger, front and rear hay spikes.

Terms and Conditions: For real estate the winning bidder will give a down payment of 10% of the purchase price the day of the auction, the balance due within 45 days from auction date. A bank letter of credit for the down payment will be required of any seller unknown to the auctioneers. Tractor and equipment payment to be paid in full the day of auction. The taxes for 2023 will be prorated. There will be a 10% Buyer’s Premium added to determine the final sales price. The home was built before 1978 and a lead based paint waiver will be required to be signed. The buyer will get 51% of the mineral rights of the property, the seller will keep 49%. There is a non-working oil well on the property.

Announcements on the day of the auction take precedence over any prior written, electronic or oral statements.  There is a new survey of the property. There is a water line going to the neighbor on the property, but we have no record of a written easement for it. For complete terms and conditions and on line bidder registration go to nationalland.com or contact Dwight Butler, Auctioneer/Broker, at 270-668-2432 or Todd Akridge, Auctioneer/Broker, at 270-668-3047.

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